Vieste Rosa

It was 1966, in the sleepy little town of Vieste, nestled on Italy’s Adriatic coast, when Leonardo and Rosa Giarrusso gathered their five small sons and told them of the family’s move to Rhode Island.

Some 20 years later in 1986, those five brothers – Angelo, John, Mathew, Anthony and I, Frank – realized their dream. We began Vieste/Rosa with a vision of designing and manufacturing high quality fashion jewelry better than anyone else.

Today, each of us continues to contribute to our shared vision.

About Vieste Rosa

From First Concept to Finished Piece

The fact that – since 1986 – 10 of our original 14 employees are still with us speaks volumes about the management style of Brother Mathew Giarrusso. With a bachelors in medicine, a masters in business and a stint as assist chief of Veterans’ Hospital, Mathew brings a wealth of knowledge to his position as controller, personnel director and financial officer of the company.

In day-to-day operation, Mathew puts our philosophy into practice. We believe that teamwork and interaction forms the foundation of Vieste/Rosa. Our vertical, under-one-roof structure encourages excellence in our employees, which translates to a quality product. Keeping every aspect of production under our roof creates a sense of pride and responsibility in everyone, from designers to platers to polishers.

The Material Reasons for Our Success

Unlike our competitors, who buy raw materials and chain from outside sources, Vieste/Rosa enjoys another unique advantage: all our raw materials are manufactured right in our facility. Which means we delete markup on finished goods, and pass the savings on to you? Plus, we can promise unmatched consistency and faster delivery.

Brother Angelo is responsible for raw material production. His previous position as vice-president of Swarovski armed him with the expertise to purchase all our materials, from genuine Austrian crystal, to a 70/40 rich brass, to genuine sterling silver and gold. Angelo won’t settle for anything less than top quality, and has designed an inspection process second to none. At Vieste/Rosa, we plate all our products in a modern, environmentally-conscious room. We are particularly proud of the craftsmen who perform this crucial task. They plate only Vieste/Rosa products, so they’re specialists in dealing with stones which are easily damaged by incorrect plating. Once plated, the products are coated with the toughest, highest quality anti-tarnish in the industry.

How The Machinery Works

Not only does Vieste/Rosa produce all its raw materials “in house,” we also can boast of another extremely unique capability – we build the machinery that produces those raw materials, too! This astonishing advantage is made possible by Brother John, who is a tool-making engineer. Graduating at the top of his class at Rhode Island Jewelry Institute, John has consistently broken new ground by designing machinery that responds beautifully to our demands. John also created a machine that automatically sets stones in continuous chain and fancy settings, saving time and money for us … and you.

Old World Craftsmanship, Cutting Edge Technology

With a degree in management and 3 years spent heading up Swarovski’s figurine division in the Bahamas, Brother Anthony serves as our resident computer guru. He has built a highly sophisticated computer network to allow us total control over production. We are equipped with EDI, QRS, ASN and UCC128 label system. Every item that passes through our facility is assigned a bar-coded data sheet which holds A-to-Z information about it. Scanning the barcode allows us to give you up-to-the-minute status of your order any time.

Our computer systems also give us a tremendous marketing edge, producing all types of reports and sales histories, with full graphics. The network is an invaluable tool for forecasting best sellers and researching silhouettes which have been proven winners. And clients benefit from our considerable graphic capabilities, receiving catalogs of the latest designs.

Anthony is also responsible for finished good production in our factory as well as in the overseas factories in which he was responsible for cultivating. He demands the highest quality regardless of where our products are produced.

Variety Is The Spice of Vieste/Rosa

As brother number five, it’s my job to act as the “link” between Vieste/Rosa and our vast array of clients. My degree in marketing and my considerable marketing background have helped me maintain a clear focus, not only for our company, but for each of our clients.

Today, we sell to department stores, specialty stores and even have made character jewelry for Disney and Warner Brothers. But, regardless of a client’s size, my policy remains the same – to consistently deliver fresh ideas, customized to each client. I believe that the more automated the world becomes, the greater the need for personal, first-name-basis customer service.

I work closely with our very talented design team that is the best in the business at spotting trends and reacting quickly to them. I also work closely with our team of analysts that keeps all our customers business running smoothly and proficiently.

Vieste/Rosa has come a long way. From humble beginnings, we’ve put our hard work, talent and determination to use. The result is a company of over 100 talented men and women, housed in a state-of-the-art, 30,000/sq. ft facility. Today, my brothers and I are proud of what we’ve contributed to our unchanged vision of excellence. We sincerely hope we can share it with you.